Fabric buildings for any industry

Applications for Fabric Buildings

fabric building

High quality, clear span tension fabric structures cover all industry applications.

Not only will you be pleased with the structural integrity of a structure by NLFS but you will be amazed at how each building is flooded with natural light. Fabric storage structures provide an open, airy interior that allow each customer the ability to maximize the use of the space vs. a column supported pole barn or metal structure.


Natural Light Fabric Structures are not your average “hoop barn”. We manufacture engineered trusses, designed for the local snow and wind load requirements.  Fabric buildings cover all your agricultural needs from hay and grain to equipment storage.

Commodity Storage

Natural Light Fabric Structures have been engineered from the ground up with some of the highest quality materials in the fabric  structure industry. Never accept anything less than a fully engineered clear span fabric building from NLFS for sand, salt, grain or hay storage.

Commercial / Industrial

Clear span fabric structures eliminate the need to design around endless interior columns within manufacturing or industrial building applications

Sports and Recreation

Fabric covered buildings are perfect to protect tennis and basketball courts or enclose a hockey arena or soccer field.


Fabric covered structures can be a universal solution for recycling and waste water treatment covers.

Temporary Construction / Shelter

Temporary equipment storage or a portable construction job shelter. Shelters for park and recreation applications.

fabric building equipment storageEquine

Minimize shadows and distractions in your riding arena while under a fabric covered structure.


Fabric structures will protect your watercraft investment. Cover one boat or an entire Marina with high quality fabric structures from Natural Light Fabric Structures.


Whether for planes or helicopters, our clear span arch truss fabric designs are engineered to protect your investment. An engineered fabric structure solution is perfect for storage or maintenance of your aircraft.


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