Flat grain and commodity storage – Natural Light Fabric Structures introduces the Hybrid Building.


Want to maximize your commodity storage investment?

When you decide to build, consider getting the best of both worlds. Hybrid Buildings, from Behlen Manufacturing and Natural Light Fabric Structures, offer the strength of welded-plate rigid frames. They are engineered to meet necessary loads and are custom designed to meet your needs. Hybrid Buildings also offer the lighting and ventilation benefits of a Natural Light polyethylene fabric roof. The result is a stronger, brighter, and more cost-effective building solution.

Hybrid Building Advantages for Commodity Storage:

  • Engineered to meet all required loads, including unbalanced snow loads
  • Engineered to carry conveyor loads
  • Engineered to carry temperature monitoring cables
  • Engineered to carry grain loads up 20′ on building side walls
  • Flexibility in design allows for customized structural features such as large door openings
  • Optional liner panel provides a clean, finished look
  • Standard or reverse tapered frames which will give you a flush wall to clean against
  • Modular or clear span frames to allow greatest flexibility
  • Can easily be designed for future building expansion
  • Building provides superior ventilation compared to a conventional steel structure

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