North Dakota Oil Boom Has No End In Sight.

Natural Light Fabric Structures has become a popular building solution in North Dakota with the oil/gas boom. According to an article from Platts the oil/gas boom is only going to get bigger.

North Dakota’s oil/gas boom to get even bigger, official says

Washington (Platts)–5Aug2012/203 pm EDT/1803 GMT

“North Dakota is the US’ No. 2 oil-producing state, having leapfrogged over Alaska in March and California a few months before that. And while North Dakota is not expected to vault ahead of No. 1 Texas anytime soon, the oil and natural gas boom that’s currently underway in the Roughrider State is promising to get even bigger in the coming years, according to a key state official.
Lynn Helms, the director of North Dakota’s mineral resources department, said on the “Platts Energy Week” television show Sunday that the Bakken Shale formation in the Western part of his state produced about 640,000 barrels of oil per day in May, second only to Texas’ 1.7 million b/d. But Helms emphasized that oil production in the Bakken is consistently increasing by 15,000 to 20,000 b/d every month, and that thousands of additional wells will be drilled there in the coming years.” Click here to read the rest of the article.

Click here to learn more about fabric buildings and what Natural Light Fabric Structures can do for you in North Dakota.


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