Hoop Beef Barns for Livestock/Cattle.

Natural Light Fabric Structures wanted to share a link to a research article that was published by Iowa State on Hoop Barns for Beef Cattle.

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A hoop barn is a Quonset™-shaped structure with side walls 10 to 12 feet high made of treated wood posts and wood sides. Tubular steel arches

fastened to the tops or sides of the posts form a hooped roof, which is covered with an UV-resistant, polyvinyl tarp.

Hoop barns are naturally ventilated and are sited to take advantage of prevailing winds. In the Midwest, most buildings are oriented in a north south direction when used for livestock housing to take advantage of summer winds, which generally come from the south. Hoop barns may offer an alternative to producing beef in open feedlots where concerns exist about runoff and lot manure management. The biggest question is can the pollution potential be reduced without suffering losses in productivity and production costs.

When to Consider Hoop Barns

Hoop barns appear to be most beneficial when producers have one or more of the following goals:

• Want to provide weather protection at a low-cost

• Desire livestock housing for cold weather that can double as economical hay storage during summer

• Desire to relocate the building in the near future

• Want to utilize a solid floor, bedded-housing system

• Want protection from sun and rain without full environmental control

• Want to eliminate outdoor lots and runoff concerns

• Want full control of manure at low capital cost

• Willing to trade management for capital outlay

Click here to read the entire article.

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