Waste Transfer Station Building Solutions


Recycling is a critical process to reduce waste, energy and pollution. With so much waste needing to be processed, recycling companies require buildings for temporary storage.

Traditional structures are expensive, immobile, and require higher electricity usage to light the dark interior. So what should a waste and recycling management company do?

Take a look at a fabric structure for use as a waste transfer station. Tensioned membrane fabric buildings offer many benefits:

  • Less expensive than traditional structures.
  • Quick to install. Your building can often times be constructed in less than a week.
  • Portable. Our buildings are easy to disassemble; move by rail, truck or crane; and re-install at a new location.
  • Natural light. Our fabric is resistant to UV rays while also allowing natural light through thereby reducing lighting costs and creating a safer work environment.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Clear span up to 260 feet. No interior columns means your trucks and equipment can safely maneuver.
  • Customizable. Doors, entryways, HVAC, electrical, lighting, conveyer systems, fabrics and much more.

Call 1-888-708-3272 to talk to a fabric building expert for your waste transfer station facility needs and to request a free quote. Learn more about Natural Light Fabric Structures at www.nlfabric.com.

Waste Transfer Station Facility Fabric Building