What Are Natural Light Fabric Structures?

Natural Light Fabric Structures are cost-efficient building solutions consisting of a steel frame and fabric membrane canvas cover. We offer the SP Series, DP Series, GP Series, CC Series, HT Series, VP Series and Hybrid buildings. We design, we manufacture and we install.

Natural Light Fabric Structures maximize your investment by saving energy and increasing productivity. Natural Light Fabric Buildings are versatile solutions for  any industries and applications. Here are just a few examples:


 Beef Barns, Dairy Barns, Hay Storage, Equipment Storage

Hay Storage, Hoop Barn, Hoop Building, Fabric Building, Canvas Building, Farm Building

Commodity Storage:

Grain, Fertilizer, compost, recycling

Dry Fertilizer Storage and Blending Facilities, Fertilizer Building, Fabric Buildings,

Salt/Sand Storage:

 Road Salt, Sand, Frac Sand

Salt Shed, Salt storage buildings, fabric buildings, Fabric Building, New York, NY, Clear span building

Sports and Recreation

Indoor Fabric Building Ice Arena


Vehicle Garage, Equipment Garage, Temporary Storage, Temporary Structure, Dome Building, Quick Storage, Fast Building, Manufacturing Facility, Equipment Storage, Distribution Center, Distribution Centers, Salvage Building, Bulk Storage, Storage Building, Storage Buildings, Commodity, Aggregate Storage, Portable Structures, Portable Structure, Portable Buildings, Process Building, Material Building, Service Building, Cold Storage, Heated Storage, Tank Storage, Energy Building, Energy Buildings, Bakken Oil Building, Mining Building, Mining Facility, Bakken Oil Boom, Steel Building, Clear Span Building Frame, Hoop Barn, Fabric Building, Fabric Structure, Barn

Marine and Aviation

Boat Slips, Boat storage

Temporary Construction:

Warehouse Building, Temporary Storage Building, Fabric Building

 Storage and Shelter

Fabric building on shipping containers/sea containers by Natural Light Fabric Structures

Oil and Mining

Industrial storage building, warehouse building, manufacturing facility, fabric building, fabric structure, clear span building, cover all building, Colorado, CO, Natural Light Fabric Structures

Fabric Building Advantages:

Clear span (no interior columns) – SP and DP Series offer widths from 18’-140’ with no interior columns to maximize usable space.

Modular frame (Hybrid buildings) – Offers clear span up to 260’ but also allows you to add interior columns, increase building width and adjust sidewall eave heights.

Engineering (DP, GP and Hybrid Series) – Engineered to meet all your local wind, snow and unbalanced snow load requirements.

Go green – Fabric designs allow natural light through the roof and side walls reducing the need for skylights or artificial lighting during daylight hours.

Low maintenance – Due to galvanized finish and durable high-density polyethylene fabric.

Ease of installation – Buildings are designed to be installed faster then other fabric, metal or wood-framed buildings.

Reduced condensation – Improved air circulation and less heat build-up compared to metal pole barns and Quonset huts.

Pre-galvanized steel – Utilized on all non-welded components.

Hot-dipped galvanized steel – All welded components receive a hot-dipped galvanized finish. Hot dipping after fabrication ensures high quality corrosion protection inside

and out.

Customization – Structures can be customized to incorporate colors, ventilation, interior layouts, door and end wall options, foundations and space requirements.

Local dealer network – NLFS local dealers will support you from the original concept and cost estimate through installation of your new

Natural Light Fabric Structures

Cattle Building Fabric Hoop Structure Construction


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