Feed commodity storage fabric building complete in the Panhandle of Texas.

A new 100′ x 140′ feed commodity storage fabric building is nearing completion near Hereford, Texas.

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Construction crews are putting the final touches on a new fabric building at a cattle yard in the Texas Panhandle. The project includes 14′ tall concrete poured walls, a Natural Light Fabric Structure, several poured interior bins for feed, a MCC building and all associated handling and mixing equipment.

To learn more about what Natural Light Fabric Structures can do for you visit us at http://www.nlfabric.com.


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44′ x 64′ Salt Shed Construction – Waite Park, Minnesota

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44′ x 64′ Natural Light Fabric Structure

Crews are currently working on a new salt shed in Waite Park, MN. When Completed the salt storage building will measure 44′ x 64′.

To learn more about what we can do for you on your next fabric bulk storage building project visit us at http://www.nlfabric.com.


80′ x 80′ salt shed going up for MNDOT in Morris, MN.

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A 80′ x 80′ Natural Light Fabric Structure salt shed is going up in Morris, MN for the Minnesota Department of Transportation.

The 80′ wide DP Series building is installed on concrete pier foundations, spans concrete bunker panels and has an interior asphalt floor when finished. A few advantages of a Natural Light Fabric Structure salt shed include:

  • Engineered for site specific snow, wind and unbalanced load requirements
  • Steel frame is hot dip galvanized
  • Superior clear height at side wall and peak of building
  • Abundant natural light provides a safe, bright interior

To learn more about what we can do for you on your next salt storage project visit us at http://www.nlfabric.com.header-test.jpg


Indoor Sports Facility for Soccer, Baseball, Lacrosse complete in Pennsylvania.

New 130′ x 356′ indoor sports dome was recently completed in Pennsylvania. The facility will be used for indoor soccer, lacrosse, baseball and football just to name a few.

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130′ x 356′ Indoor Sports Facility – Sports Dome – Natural Light Fabric Structures

Natural Light Fabric Structures are manufactured in the USA. We can provide a one stop shop for design, manufacturing and construction of your indoor sports dome. To learn more about our capabilities visit our website at http://www.nlfabric.com.

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Exterior – 130′ x 356′ Indoor Recreational Facility – Sports Dome – Natural Light Fabric Structures


32′ x 35′ salt shed complete in Vernon Center, MN.

A new 32′ x 35′ salt shed was recently completed in Vernon Center, Minnesota for Blue Earth County.

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32′ x 35′ Salt Shed in Vernon Center, MN

The SPE series salt storage building from Natural Light Fabric Structures was engineered to meet the local 50 lbs. ground snow load requirements. It included one solid enclosed end wall and one open end wall. The salt shed was installed on two rows of concrete foundation blocks. To learn what Natural Light can do for you on your next salt storage project visit us at http://www.nlfabric.com.


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Sick of temporary tarps for hay storage? Hay storage fabric buildings and hoop barns.

Are you like most folksĀ and sick of using a temporary tarpĀ to cover your hay? It’s time to invest in an economical fabric hoop building from Natural Light Fabric Structures.

Hay Storage Building, Commodity Barn, Hay shed, hoop building, fabric building, fabric structure

40′ Wide Hoop Barn for Hay Storage from Calhoun and Natural Light

Our buildings are designed to be installed on multiple foundations including: pony walls, concrete walls, block foundations and concrete slabs just to name a few. Whether you’re looking to store round bales or square bales we have a solution for you.

We design, manufacture and build our hay storage fabric hoop barns. We offer buildings that range from 16′ wide to over 200′ wide and unlimited length.

Hay Storage, Hoop Barn, Hoop Building, Fabric Building, Canvas Building, Farm Building

Fabric Hoop Barn on Concrete Wall for Hay Storage

To learn more about we can do for you on your next hay storage hoop barn project visit us at http://www.nlfabric.com.


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